Indian hotel worker admits remarrying in the UK
A bigamist has confessed to marrying his pregnant girlfriend in the UK while 'dodging telephone calls' from his first wife in India asking when he was coming home.
Wilfred Souza, 35, married first wife Ezmy in Goa, India, in December 2012, but left to live in the UK a year later to study and look for work.
The 35-year-old, who works at a Marriott Hotel in West London, then started 'ignoring' his wife's telephone calls after she kept asking him when he was 'coming home'.
Feltham Magistrates Court heard Souza fell in love again and was expecting a baby with Sheiza Colaco, also from Goa, and married her in Hounslow in March 2015 without getting a divorce.

His first wife found out about Souza's marriage and alerted the authorities in the UK, saying she was still married to him - leading to Souza's arrest for bigamy.
His second wife is standing by her new husband while his divorce goes through.
The prosecution told the court: 'Mrs Souza states Mr Souza left India to go to England for work and on the second occasion failed to return and had been avoiding her calls.'
Stefan Baard, defending, told the court how Miss Calico - Souza's second wife - knew all about his first wife in India.
He said Souza had 'gone to great lengths' to try and resolve issues with his first wife, but that he had told him she was 'not interested in a divorce or in joining him in England'.
He said Souza and his second wife were 'very keen to move on and try to get the divorce sorted out in India'.
Mr Baard said: 'The reason for this second marriage taking place was that Miss Calico fell pregnant and there was huge pressure on him for cultural reasons to get married.
'They're very keen to move on and try to get the divorce sorted out in India so they can marry properly this time around.'
Souza admitted bigamy and was handed a one-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay fines of £100.

Magistrate Chris Hack told Souza that the offence was on the 'lower end' of the scale, adding: 'We find that the circumstances surrounding this case of bigamy puts the offending at the lowest end.
'We accept an offence has been committed which involved some deceit but there has been little if any harm to either party and the deceit was limited.
'We note Mrs Souza's behaviour in this matter and the support being displayed by your partner.'